Welcome to Excel Intelligence, a website dedicated to finding ways to making life just a little easier for those of us that like to use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet and other spreadsheet products.

What does this mean? How can a spreadsheet make your life just a little easier?

I firmly believe that the spreadsheet software we use on a daily basis can be used for much more than just business. Spreadsheets can be turned into useful tools, whether it’s list, calculators or whatever else you can dream up. Maybe it’s a grocery list, or a simple budgeting tool. Maybe it’s a project planner or a word counter for writers. Spreadsheets can be used for all kinds of things.

On the flip side, on the days we do use Excel and Sheets for business purposes, using these programs shouldn’t be hard. Once you know the ins and outs of these programs, they can be fun to use and they can give you a lot of insight that can help you and your business make appropriate decisions.

It’s all data, in one way or another, but that data can tell a story, whether it’s what you have for dinner, how much money you have in the bank or whether your project is on track.

My goal with XLI is to explore both of these in some capacity.

Initially, you’ll see me focusing mostly on the first part, using spreadsheets as tools. You’ll already find a few blog posts on this site about a couple of writing logs for authors, as well as a vacation planner I put together.

I also want to keep up with what’s new with Excel, Google Sheets and such. That means you can expect blog posts about upcoming features that may be relevant to these products.

Then, of course, we’ll dive into a bit of education, with tips and tricks and such.

This won’t happen overnight, of course, but I’d love to invite you to join me on this journey and maybe we can learn a thing or two about spreadsheets together. Let’s see what kind of story they can tell us about our data.